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July 17th week Fishing Report

We had much cooler temps this week. Was very nice to have it a bit cooler. The water was not flat calm like the last two weeks, but it was not to rough to go where we wanted. The big story this week was the lack of Silver Salmon. Not sure what happened but this week was much slower than last week. Still tons of Pink Salmon.

This week was good and bad for halibut. We had a couple of boats that had a hard time finding good halibut and several boats that hit the jack pot. The biggest Halibut this week was 223 lbs. My Dad Kern caught this one. My son Nik and I were fishing with Grandpa up Dundas Bay in about 200' of water. The big halibut took a little piece of Pink Salmon for bait. We had many more new entries in the 100 lb club and one for the 150 lb + club.

What to look for when looking for a good halibut spot?

If it is your first time fishing in our area get the map up and start looking at it! - -

Here is a photo of where we fished.

Notice that there is deep water around this spot and it is close to the main current going from Icy Strait to Cross Sound. The current was pretty strong while we were fishing. We caught this big one right at the tide change according to the tide charts, but the current never stopped, stayed strong the whole time we were there. The other important thing you need when catching big halibut are peanuts. We seem to always catch a big one when eating peanuts! Also remember to always be fishing during the tide changes. Get set up before the change and fish while the tide is changing, this can be very productive!

The other hots spots this week were Montana, and the hump behind Inian Islands.


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