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June 8th Update

June 8th Update

We finally have news!… Let the Fishing Begin…

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy amended orders to ease travel restrictions starting June 6 as part of the state's economic recovery plan due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Under the new directives, travelers from other US states or from abroad will have several options to enter Alaska:

• Travelers can enter the state if they have a negative result from a COVID-19 PCR test, taken within 72 hours and five days prior to their arrival. If the test is positive, they cannot enter.

• Travelers can be tested upon arrival in Alaska and maintain quarantine until the results of the tests are known. (We will be quarantining people in Elfin Cove, fishing time will be not be lost) If they test positive, they must remain in quarantine for the duration of the illness.

• Travelers who are not tested before traveling or when entering the state must self-quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival.

All travelers are encouraged to wear masks, maintain social distance, and enhance sanitation procedures.

Travelers will need to complete a travel declaration form, we recommend completing this and bringing it with you.

We have had several guests in multiple states researching testing options and it really seems to be a mixed response. We had two guests arrive yesterday and they went to a drive up Clinic in Everett, WA and got the test with no problem and got a quick result of negative from the test. We have had others that were denied at first and when they told them that the state they were traveling to required a test they were then allowed to take the test.

The community of Elfin Cove has had several meetings and they are asking we follow these guidelines.

  • If you feel sick please do not visit Elfin Cove, stay home

  • When in public please social distance and if you can please wear a face covering

  • If visiting a local business please wear a face mask

  • Please use good hygiene and wash hands often

  • Please wear a face mask on the board walk if others are present

I have spoken with the general store and liquor store and Joanne would prefer you preorder your items and she will deliver your order to the lodge before you arrive. Curbside pick and delivery are even available in Elfin Cove! Email orders to Joanne at and she will take care of you.

We are looking forward to getting this summer rolling!

See you all soon! Let’s go fishing!


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