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July 1st Fishing Update

July 1 Fishing Update

The freezers are officially full! The Mossy Ridge Lodge has done great this week. Lots of King Salmon Limits and lots of halibut!

Kings are still going crazy down the coast. Chris and his crew said they got down there one day and had there Kings in 15 minutes. They said as they lowered the gear on the down rigger they would hit it on the way down. Pretty amazing to have the King fishing that good! Silvers slowed a bit this week. Pinks seem to pick up though, lots and lots of pinks now. They seem to be pouring thru the pass. You can see them on the surface in big schools.

Halibut are still doing great. Dundas Bay was good this week, Idaho Inlet also saw some action. With the pinks going thru the pass now Halibut will be everywhere. Every once in awhile you get a question from a guest that is one that you have not heard before. The question this week was, “could I go ask the Chef for some bread dough”? What do you need bread dough for? “Halibut Bait”. I was able to convince him to stick with pink salmon for bait. But who knows maybe bread dough is the secret bait for halibut??? :). The best advice I can give to halibut fishing is do some research on looking at the maps, pick a spot you think looks good and go set up camp there, stay there for as long as needed. Don’t move! The biggest mistake I see guests make is moving to much when halibut fishing. Pink salmon continues to be the best bait.

For weather this past week we had a 25 kt wind forecast twice, once it did blow 28 kts at Cape Spencer the other day it did not luckily. Weather can be such a factor in fishing, we can always seem to find a calm place to fish, but a 25 kt wind can limit us on where we can fish.

The end of June is becoming my favorite time! Weather/King Fishing/Halibut Fishing, you just can’t beat it! Bring on July if it proves to be as good as June we are in for a great fishing season for 2021!



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