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July 28 HALIBUT!!

July 28 Fishing Update

The weather is such a factor in fishing. I am again sitting here at my office window looking at a beautiful blue sky day. The forecast is again looking very good for the next few days sunny till Sunday!

Today Light winds becoming W 15 kt. Seas building to 3 ft in the afternoon.

Tonight W wind 15 kt becoming NE late. Seas 3 ft in the evening then 2 ft or less.

Thu NE wind 15 kt. Seas 3 ft.

Thu Night NE wind 15 kt. Seas 3 ft.

Fri NE wind 15 kt becoming NW. Seas 3 ft.

Sat W wind 10 kt. Seas 2 ft or less.

Sun W wind 10 kt. Seas building to 3 ft.

The Halibut report for this week is great! Lots of big halibut coming in. 18 out of 21 guests at Waters Edge Building this past week caught a halibut over 100 lbs. I know! Crazy! Where are they catching them? Is alway the question? The answer ? Everywhere!! Outside waters, inside waters, George Island, Saddle, Soapstone, Lemesurier Island, Dundas Bay, Texas, Earl Cove, Shark Fin, Shaw Island. Chef Bronco had his family come up to visit for a couple of days and they caught a 155 lb and a 118 lb in two days fishing. Crazy good halibut fishing right now. And yes again weather is a factor it has been really nice calm water with nice temperatures and no wind. Questions to ask your self? How to set the circle hook on a halibut? How to land a big halibut? How to release a small halibut? Pink salmon seems to be the bait of choice. A fresh pink is also better then anything else we have in the freezer.

Pink salmon are again the big story, this is a big pink year, they are jumping everywhere. All the way from Juneau to the open ocean you can see pink salmon jumping. It is very hard to get your limit of silver salmon right now. I am blaming it on all of the pink salmon. Hopefully this next week, the pinks will slow and the silver salmon will start to increase. We had seen pinks as low as 140 feet down. They seem to be everywhere.

Still lots of whales in the area. As we went in on the Noble Eagle to Juneau we passed some Orca as we were going thru South Pass. Lots of Humpback whales also.



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