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June 26th Fishing Update

June 26th Fishing Update

The Noble Eagle is now our mode of transportation to and from Juneau. Mary and I very pleased with it! Captain Larry and his Wife Wendy run the boat for Eagle Charters, and they do a great job. Mary and I really like the smaller group size. It makes it much easier to get to know everyone, and then when the guests go to the airport it is much easier with the airport traffic.

The one change in our equation out here are the people in the boat. The boats are the same each week, weather can be a factor, but for the most part the fishermen really make the difference. I look forward to these weeks every year. We have a hard time keeping up with the filleting and vacuum sealing. Pretty amazing the passion these guys have for fishing!

We are seeing big schools of pinks now on the surface behind the Inian Islands and Lemisure Island and of course down the coast at Yakobi rock and Soapstone. Halibut bait is plentiful! Silvers are also showing up on the photo dock. Kings are still the dominating force though.

Yesterday was wet, and what a difference a day makes, this morning was foggy and now the sun is out. Supposed to be 67 this week. For us that is pretty warm, I know the Arizona people are like yea right 67 is not hot. But 67 to us will feel pretty warm, looking forward to it.

June is a great time to be fishing up here!



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