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May 26th

We are in the final days of preparing for our first guests of the season. We have made a few trips out to fish between projects. Toni and Jerry went down the coast for King Salmon and they reported being in the water 10 minutes and had a double on, one king was over 31" and the other 29". Larry caught a 100 lb halibut, two days ago, it was caught on the inside waters. Eagle Charters and Tanaku Lodge have started fishing with guests, last week Eagle had a 300 lb + halibut and Tanaku looks like they are off to a good start also! Weather has been wet for the past couple of weeks, it was very nice when we first got here, but has been wet since then. Today we get Chef Bruce and the rest of our crew for the summer. We have several returning staff, but lots of new ones so lots of training and getting them ready for this summer!

Just as a reminder, please keep up on the ADF&G regulations. The more preperation you can do before your trip the better. If you have any questions or need a fishing report please give us an email or a call!



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