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Vacation is over time to go to work!

Last year we planned a family trip to Niagra Falls, and a week before we were to leave the pandemic started, so that trip got postponed. We decided the beach was where we wanted to be so we flew to Fort Meyers FL last week, to make a long story short - it was way to hot, we are all ready for Alaska!

I leave on the 16th on the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry from Bellingham. Hoping winter has lessened its grip on Alaska before the 19th when I arrive in Auke Bay.

We are very excited about this upcoming season. Last years crew was amazing, I hope that the 2021 crew is as good if not better then 2020. One big addition is Matt. He will be our mechanic. Matt lives in Juneau and has worked on outboards since he was 15 years old. If Matt can not fix it, it can’t be fixed. Once the snow melts he will start working on boats in Juneau. We have lots of new faces with a few from last year. All of our Chefs are returning again for this summer. Bruce, Jake and Bronco.

We have been kicking around the idea of having a YouTube channel. Any ideas would be appreciated. We came up with a name - Slimy Fish Productions - . The main focus will be of course telling stories from the fishing in the summers. But we are also hoping to do some hunting videos in the fall and spring. Not sure how much we can do, but if any of you have a hunt planned and want a camera man following you around let us know, Jeremy will be behind the camera!

I still have a few openings for June for this summer! -



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