August 20th Fishing Update

Sunday night we had some weather roll in. Ward Air was able to get two planes in and that was it. So about half of our guests had to spend the night in Juneau. The next morning weather was still a problem but Ward Air somehow found a hole and got the rest of the guests in by 7:30am. One thing is for sure Alaska is in charge we just adapt the best we can. The halibut have slowed quit a bit this week, the biggest this week was 97 lbs. Silver salmon have been very good all summer, but this week they have slowed also. The guys that fished salmon all day got their limit. But very much different than the week before where limits were caught in just a few hours. The ones that were caught wer

August 13th Fishing Update

I know I am fired, I am very late in getting this fishing update done for this past week. In my defense we had some wet weather and I did not make it back to the cove until Sunday. Silvers were slower this week, but very much still here. We had many boats limit on Silvers. We had them caught at three hill and down the coast. We had many caught on the surface with divers as well some were caught deeper on the down riggers. Weather was very opposite from the week before. We had three monsoons. On Thursday it would rain very very very very hard and then the sun would come out. Winds were not calm but were not horrible either. The biggest halibut was caught by Dylan from Tremonton Utah.

August 6th Week

Weather is the top story this week. 70 + degrees for temperatures. Flat calm open ocean water all week!! Very possible that this has been the best weather week in all the years I have been in Alaska. The Fairweather Mountains have been visible all week, just unreal to see those every day! Halibut fishing has been great this week. Our Chef Jake had some family visiting and he took them out in front of George Island and caught a 55 lb halibut. The biggest for the week was caught by Steve from Seattle. It weighed in at 209.2 lbs. Tara and Tom did really good also they came in with several over 100 lbs. Steve & Trudy got four over 100 lbs. This is the year of the COHO! The Silvers are

July 30th Fishing Report

If you were to ask the guests this week how the silver fishing was I think they would all agree that it was very very good. I feel like it has slowed a bit from the past few weeks. Still very good fishing though many limits of silvers by noon every day! I still do not think the peak of the silver run has hit yet. We are seeing bigger fish now than a few weeks ago. Halibut has been great this week. We have the Murphy group here from North Dakota and they have been doing really good. Nearly all of the bigger halibut this week came from the open ocean. Fresh pink salmon are the preferred bait. Biggest halibut for the week 195 lbs ( Bob Murphy). Many more over 100 lbs. Halibut fishing

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