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Aug 2nd

The big story again with this fishing update is the calm open ocean. We have had a great stretch of good weather. It did rain all day yesterday, but we have had minimal rain and calm winds for awhile now. We like it very much.

Pinks are still the dominating force out on the water. Silvers are still doing good but it is hard to get them because of all the pinks. Another issue or thing we are dealing with this year are the jelly fish. There has been a jelly fish take over of the fishing grounds. If a jelly hits your gear the salmon tend to avoid it. So it is important to be attentive and if the rod tip starts moving different then it is best to bring it up and make sure a jelly did not hit it. Dispel divers are becoming more popular to use, they are easy and seem to catch as many salmon as the down riggers.

Halibut were slower this week. 150 lbs was the biggest it was caught around George Island.

Jerry is here this week, and he decided to target Sharks. He is reporting lots of Sharks down the coast. He has landed 3 so far and lost another 3. 1 hour and 42 minutes to land the first one. Wow what a fight that must have been.

This winter Jeff asked for our logo file so he could print it on something. Had no idea what he was doing. Pretty cool when their whole group arrived in Elfin Cove with their Hootie Hoo Crew/Waters Edge Shirts on. Their dock staff Justen got one cause he did such a good job! Somehow Mary and I got lucky and got one also. We have some of the greatest guests on the planet! Thank you for all you do for us!!



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