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Aug 7 Update

Currently we have good weather conditions, foggy this morning but it is starting to lift. Yesterday we had a thunderstorm roll thru. Lightening and heavy down pour. Todays forecast is for strong winds tonight. I saw the forecast and had flash backs of the big storm that hit a few years ago when we got stuck in Juneau.

The last few days have been slow for Silvers/Coho. Still hearing lots of reports of to many pink salmon and red jelly fish. But.... Yesterday Claire reported she had 6 boats back to the dock by noon with limits of nice big silvers. So hopefully we are on the front end of the next rush of Silvers coming thru. I went to JNU with Mary yesterday and we saw Orca coming thru the pass on our way thru. As we came around the light house at Pt Retreat we started seeing all the debris from the Mendenhall River. Yesterday there was a flood from the Glacier that took homes and trees out to the ocean. Very sad to see pieces of someones house out in Auke Bay.

Halibut was slower this week, the biggest so far is Captain Rons boat with a 215 lb halibut.

I expect things to change both weather and fishing for the next few weeks, we should start to see more fall rain weather, and the Silver/Coho Salmon should start to go crazy.

Received a really cool photo from one of our guests. He said this was his first fishing boat, and believes this photo was taken in Elfin Cove in 1971. Love seeing these old photos! Thank you for sending it to us John!



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