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July 5th

July 5th Fishing Update

FOG and HEAT! In Juneau it is 10 degrees warmer than Elfin Cove. This heat in Juneau with cooler temps on the coast are creating fog starting right at South Pass. I predict this fog stays with us for the next few days. It has been burning off by 10:00 or so. We had a boat yesterday come in with 3 King Salmon so Kings are slowing down! Silvers have slowed down, we are seeing a few here and there but not as many as in June. Keep in mind though the guests are more focused on Halibut now then they were a couple of weeks ago. On my way from Juneau yesterday morning we saw around 12 salmon jumping on the inside waters, they were pink salmon. So that is a good sign, for the halibut migration and South Pass, once these big schools of pinks hit the coast the halibut will be with them. I predict the next 2 weeks the halibut really start heating up.

In the past couple of weeks we have had some new guests show up that have not fished with us. I have been very impressed with how well prepared they were. Most of them had been on our website and done there homework. When I mentioned Three Hill or Yakobi Rock they seemed to know what I was talking about. - -

For weather these are the links I look at -


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