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July 8th Fishing Update

July 8 2022

Happy 4th of July to everyone! We had a great Independence Day here in Elfin Cove. We started off with the parade which went from Shoreline to down town Elfin Cove and around to the General Store and then ended up at the Memorial for the Pledge of Allegiance. We then had the Humpy Head Bobbing Contest, and the fish toss, and then our evening festivities were the greased pole contest on the float plane dock. Eagle Charters lit up the cove with fireworks! It was great!

The July 1st troll opening happened as scheduled. King fishing has slowed as expected. Lots of pink salmon and Silver salmon, no limits yet but they are really starting to build in numbers. Yakobi Rock and beyond still seem to be the hot spots for salmon.

Halibut - we have a new leader 160 lb halibut was caught on the 6th. Halibut continue to remain strong. A boat yesterday was anchored in 50’ and brought in a good catch. Pink salmon, rock fish, octopus beaks are what we are finding in their stomachs. Get your maps out and start searching for halibut fishing holes.

Weather has been great this week, light winds and very little rain.

Adam Eakle aired the show from last summer, it was crazy, I started getting emails, like lots of emails, was not sure what to think? Then someone told us they saw the show on KSL Outdoors this past weekend. Very grateful for Adam in helping us get the word out.



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