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June 14 Fishing Update

Sorry I am slow on my fishing update. Fishing report is that the King Salmon are on fire! Lots of Kings down the coast. Reports are coming in of limits in an hour. The Silvers are early we have had boats coming in with limits of Silvers. Pinks are just starting to show up. Kings are down the coast Surge Bay, Silvers are there also but have also been caught at Yakobi Rock also. Halibut are yet to take off. We are way off our average for 100 lb halibut, I am expecting this to change soon. One of the factors is the weather we have had some windy conditions that have kept us from going down the coast. Our summer seems to have been in late May the temp was almost 70 degrees, it has been 50 degrees for the past two weeks and rain/showers fairly consistent. If anyone sees my folks on the freeway wave hello, they are taking a 425 hp Yamaha Outboard to Seattle to go on the Alaska Marine Barge to Juneau.



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