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May 9th

I arrived in Juneau by jet on Alaska Airlines on April 28th, going thru the airport was a breeze, we were asked if we would like a covid test and I declined and walked right thru. No vaccination required or test to arrive in Alaska. It is recommended but not required. Jeremy flew up with me. Very grateful to have a young energetic Jeremy with me. Matt and Justin are working on the boats. What a great feeling to arrive in Juneau and see the boats out of hibernation and ready to be splashed in the water. We took 4 boats out, on the 1st and then on the 3rd took some more. The big surprise at the lodge was the MARTEN invasion. They had quit the party in the Mossy Ridge Building and an even bigger celebration at the Waters Edge Lodge, Bruces kitchen looked like it had been turned upside down shaken and then turned back upright. Many thanks to Jeremy, Justin, Steve, Zach, Jake & Dawson for cleaning it up!!! It will need some more deep cleaning but wow what a mess. Gotta do some trapping this summer and fall!!

Next week we have most of our staff arriving, and Mary and the kids arrive on June 4th. Claire has been doing overtime and school, so she is coming up early on Monday. Can’t wait to get the fishing season started, a load of bait went out yesterday Jeremy and the guys are working on getting the boats ready. We saw our first King of the year, thanks to Josh for stopping by and showing us his catch, nice King!!! Very excited about our staff this summer. Looking forward to a very busy summer!!



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