July 24th Week Fishing Report

Let's cover the weather first. Last Friday we had a big storm it rolled in on Friday night and was here all day Saturday. On Saturday morning on our way back to Juneau we rounded Point Adolphus and we ran into some good size waves, maybe 6-7 foot. One of them rocked the big 78’ boat so hard that the fish boxes shifted off the pallets, I thought the inside passage was supposed to be calm all the time? Our summer is officially over! We are now into a shower every hour or so pattern. Wednesday it rained all day. So, we had dry weather for almost a month and now it seems to have really changed to wet weather. The good news is that this should help the Silver/Coho start smelling the fresh

July 17th week Fishing Report

We had much cooler temps this week. Was very nice to have it a bit cooler. The water was not flat calm like the last two weeks, but it was not to rough to go where we wanted. The big story this week was the lack of Silver Salmon. Not sure what happened but this week was much slower than last week. Still tons of Pink Salmon. This week was good and bad for halibut. We had a couple of boats that had a hard time finding good halibut and several boats that hit the jack pot. The biggest Halibut this week was 223 lbs. My Dad Kern caught this one. My son Nik and I were fishing with Grandpa up Dundas Bay in about 200' of water. The big halibut took a little piece of Pink Salmon for bait. W

July 10th week

Again another great weather week. I know it sounds like a broken record this year. We had boats fishing around Cape Spencer, the saddle, Yakobi, the open ocean was very calm again this week. We did have a few showers this week, but nothing that lasted very long. Silvers are very strong. The guys from Bozeman limited almost every day. Bo from Team Defiance did very well on Silvers. Bo's guys also boated two halibut over 100 lbs this week. We had two boats go inside and fish for Halibut this week and did very well. The best bait they found inside was herring. This week we had less halibut over 100 lbs and many many 75 lb halibut. My Dad fished Three Hill one day and got 5 Silvers, so

July 3rd Fishing Report

Weather again is the big story. This is going to be the warmest sunniest summer I have ever experienced in Alaska. We have had warm days before, but not for this duration. Cross Sound has been amazing. Flat calm water, blue skies, warm temps. Biggest Halibut this week was 140 lbs. Pinks, Chums, Silvers are now making their way closer to Elfin Cove. The Pinks are really starting to pour thru the pass. I was in the laundry chute the other day and the Sea Lions were in a feeding frenzy going after the Pink Salmon. We had one King Salmon this week. Limits and limits of Silvers. Several of the boats started using the Dipsy Divers, about 100 feet out and a blue with silver hoochie. Was

June 26th Week

This week the open ocean was very calm, we had several reports of total glass like water from Cape Spencer to Yakobi. Very little rain. Friday was supposed to be windy and rain, but it was not to bad. The Kings are still slower than normal. I was hoping this week would be the big change from last week. We had 5 on one day, the biggest one was caught by Jerry and Theresa. It weighed in at 18 lbs, Jerry always guts and ices his Kings so I am guessing it was over 21 lbs. It may take a few minutes longer but if you can ice down your salmon the meat quality is much better. Each day the boats are stocked with ice so take advantage of this and keep your catch as cool as possible till we can

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